The latest movie in my 365 list was written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, who also wrote and directed Joe Versus the Volcano;  Doubt however, was definitely no Joe.  And that, is a good thing because whereas Joe was an eccentric, if not cult-ish, comedy, Doubt was a drama that tugged at the fears […]

The 365 Films in 365 Days Challenge

People who know me know that I watch a lot of movies, and as a matter of fact some of my friends only call me when there’s some sort of movie related question to be answered.   After little thought, I would tell people I had watched 500 movies in 2009; maybe 50 of those were […]

Top 10 Cover Songs

As of late, music has seemed to be relegated to that ill-fated choice of paths… covering another musician’s work of art (or paying tribute as some bands would say). For the most part, many of these cover songs are paltry in comparison while some just outright blow. Take for instance Gene Simmons’ cover of The Prodigy’s Firestarter, which is laughable at best and just makes a mockery of rock in general.