Nicholas Cage (“Kick-Ass”, “Raising Arizona”)
Jay Baruchel (“She’s Out of My League”, “Tropic Thunder”)
Alfred Molina (“Spider-Man 2″, “Frida”)

Directed By: Jon Turteltaub (“The Kid”,”National Treasure 1 & 2″)

Disney is at it again, taking some of its old properties and turning it into a feature film to make an extra buck. Unlike the original though, for those that remember the Sorcerer’s Apprentice piece in Disney’s Fantasia, this is no cartoon musical.  Nicholas Cage plays the ageless Balthazar Blake, one of Merlin’s apprentices who is given the task to find the… *sigh**facepalm* … Prime Merlinian.  Centuries later, Dave, a 10 year old creative genius and unbeknownst at the time, the … *sigh**facepalm* … Prime Merlinian, has fallen for a cute blonde classmate and writes her a note asking whether she will be his friend or girlfriend.  The note, and her answer, flies away and into a magic shop where young Dave runs into Balthazar and accidentally releases the nefarious Horvath (Alfred Molina).  Caught in the middle of a magic battle, Dave narrowly escapes only to be ridiculed by his classmates who believe that Dave is just telling stories.  Fast-forward 10 years, the socially outcast Dave (Jay Baruchel), now 20 years old, is a physics nerd who bumps into the cute blonde he once knew as well as Balthazar and Horvath.  Now, caught between falling in love and a magical battle, Dave must learn how to harness his magical abilities and scientific know-how to stop Horvath from unleashing Morgana Le Fay.

If you noticed, I died a little each time I said Prime Merlinian.  That’s because it’s the single most stupidest phrase in the entire film… and it’s overused.  It’s as if someone were saying Midichlorians throughout the film.  That phrase aside, this is a great film that the entire family can enjoy.  Jon Turtletaub, who directed the National Treasure films, reunites with Nicholas Cage once again and Nic himself isn’t so Cage-y, he’s definitely a bit subdued, but you can tell the insanity is still lurking beneath the skin.  Jay Baruchel has definitely found his niche as the unlikely hero/lover and was definitely great in this role.  The special effects are pretty outstanding and the story was very nicely done.  Some of the characters are very short lived, but overall they didn’t detract from the film.  I would definitely recommend watching this film… and stay to the end of the credits for a quick clip and nod to the original cartoon.

Recommendation: Watch
Rating: 7.5 out of 10