Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so.

Vic’s Review:

After seeing the leaked Comic-Con red-band trailer, I was extremely excited to see this movie; that however, worried me.   Whenever my expectations for a film go up, I usually end up very disappointed.  I have to say though, after seeing Kick-Ass last night, I was extremely pleased with the results!  The latest film by Matthew Vaughn (producer of Guy Ritchie’s gangster films Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels), Kick-Ass is a wonderfully twisting action romp filled with morbid comedy.  The film may revolve around Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson), whose nerdy alter-ego is mistaken as gay and befriended by the girl he loves, but the real stars of the movie are the bad-ass 11 year-old Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz – (500) Days of Summer) and her father, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage – Lord of War, National Treasure) who pulls off the perfect Adam West/Batman impersonation.  The pairs’ sheer grace in action and nonchalant attitude towards violence hits the bar and then breaks it in half.  And although the film may be billed as an action comedy, it runs the gamut of genres and really explores each of the characters involved right from the start.  All in all, I would definitely recommend this film.

My Rating: 9.0 out of 10