Brooklyns Finest

Three unconnected Brooklyn cops wind up at the same deadly location after enduring vastly different career paths.  Eddie (Richard Gere – Chicago, Nights in Rodanthe) is a beat cop on the verge of retiring from the police force and life.  Tango (Don Cheadle – Traitor, Oceans 11) is an officer deep undercover in a gang that is distributing mass amounts of narcotics. And Sal (Ethan Hawke – Daybreakers, Training Day) is a task force cop whose ever-growing family is putting a squeeze on him financially, causing him to break the law to make ends meet.

Vic’s Review:

Directed by Antoine Fuqua who also directed Training Day, this crime drama explores similar themes to Training Day but delves deeper into the lives of each of the characters and shows you their inner turmoil.

Richard Gere plays the role of a broken beaten shell of a man perfectly.  You can really get a sense that he just doesn’t care about anything anymore, which makes his last week forced to work with rookie cops a living hell.  The only thing he has to look forward to anymore is his time with a prostitute he frequents whose affections are all paid for.

Ethan Hawke, who portrayed an ethical rookie detective in Training Day, switches his roles around and is an unscrupulous veteran narcotics officer whose only concern is his family.  This concern for his family is so great that he will kill (and does) anyone to get his hands on money to get a bigger house devoid of mold that is harming the health of his wife and his unborn twins.

Finally, Don Cheadle teams up with Wesley Snipes (Blade, The Art of War), a gang boss who was just released from prison.  Both play old school gangsters caught up in a world of hoodlums and drugs.  Tango (Cheadle) is tasked with bringing down Cassanova (Snipes), which puts him in a moralistic bind: should he take down a known criminal or should he protect the man that saved his life while undercover in prison?

Fuqua intertwines all three stories fluidly until they converge in a twist filled ending.  As is usual, Fuqua tries to shock you with the suddenness of it all – there are no warnings, as in real life, and murders just happen; you expect for someone to die at almost any moment.  Overall, this was a good movie and I would definitely recommend watching it.  Lookout for a small role by Ellen Barkin as a cold-hearted federal agent…  I just kept thinking, what the hell happened to her?  Either there was a great makeup job or she has just not aged well.

Vic’s Rating: 8.0 out of 10