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From NPH‘s opening song and dance to Tom Hanks’ hurried announcement of the final award of the evening, the Oscars last night were fairly low-key and understated.  Yes, there were the wisecracks by co-hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, several of the presenters were just excitedly nervous to be there, and then there was George Clooney just having fun with the whole ordeal; but in the end, the Oscars seemed like just another night.

Similar to last year’s award ceremony, the Best Actor and Actress nominees were presented by colleagues who gave speeches about the nominees and their bodies of work.  I really like this, but I enjoyed it more last year when the former winners in the category presented the nominees.  I say that mainly because it was odd having Colin Farrell present Jeremy Renner when he co-starred with the eventual winner, Jeff Bridges.

As I expected though, Hurt Locker came out on top wining top honors for its crew including a Best Directing award to Kathryn Bigelow and an Oscar for Best Picture.  As for my picks, I correctly guessed 19 of the 24 awards, missing only Animated Feature Film, Foreign Language Film, Music (Original Score), Writing (Adapted Screenplay), and Writing (Original Screenplay).  I had a sneaking feeling that Up was going to win, but I still think that Fantastic Mr. Fox was a better film.  The only award I completely guessed on, and guessed correctly, was Short Film (Live Action), which was won by Joachim Back and Tivi Magnusson for The New Tennants. As for the rest of the awards ceremony:

The Kanye Award goes to:

Acceptance Speech - Music By Prudence

Im'ma let you finish....

Elinor Burkett (Producer), Documentary Short – Music by Prudence.
See the acceptance speech here:

Apparently their has been a feud between Burkett and Director/Co-Producer, Roger Ross Williams.  They still had not agreed who was to give the acceptance speech when the awards started, so Williams decided he would take matters into his own hands.  If you look carefully at the clip, you’ll see the Williams runs to the stage  while Burkett appears to be stuck and looks for  a way to the stage (She was actually blocked by Williams’ mother).  Once she finally gets to the stage, she pulls off a great crazy drunk lady speech that made little to no sense.


Ric O'Barry holds up sign

Text now!

Ric O’Barry, Feature Documentary – The Cove
See the Acceptance Speech here:

I knew right from the start that if The Cove won, featured dolphin activist, Ric O’Barry, would say or do something about the dolphin killings in Taiji, Japan.  I, was right.  As the producers began to give their acceptance speech, O’Barry dropped, picked up and began unfurling the poster that he was holding.  A second after he held up the sign that read “Text DOLPHIN to 44144″, the cameras cut to a shot of the audience.  A moment later, the inaudible speech was cut short and the winners whisked off stage.  I say nice try Ric, hope people saw it and take action.

The “Uh-oh, Don’t Look Behind You” Award goes to:

Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron.

Every time there was a mention James Cameron, you could see the look on Kathryn’s face: “Whatever you do, don’t look back.”  And every time that Hurt Locker won an award, it was just another blow to Cameron’s ego, which was perfectly captured everytime they cut to Kathryn Bigelow.  Seriously, someone really set that whole seating arrangement just to bring up the fact that they’re former husband and wife, huh?

The “HOLY SH!T IS THAT FISHER STEVENS???!!” Award goes to:

Fisher Stevens

Fisher Stevens – Feature Documentary – The Cove
See the Acceptance Speech here:

Because seriously, ‘The Plague’, people!  :)