Well, I’ve started a new job recently and I think I’ve started getting lazy (As if watching 365 movies isn’t lazy enough).  Although, I’ve started slacking on my movie watching, mostly because I just haven’t seen anything out there that interests me.  I’m probably about 20 movies behind at this point and I need to finish writing up the reviews for the 20 or so I’ve already seen.  I’m also in the process of creating a list of my top films for 2009 with mini-reviews that should hopefully be posted before the weekend is over (… hopefully …).

To add to the myriad of distractions that beset me on a daily basis, the 2010 Winter Olympics are starting tonight.  Just what I need, hours upon hours of non-stop TV, watching such menial, mind-numbing yet inexplicably hypnotizing events such as curling.  Ooh.  Curling.  Seriously?  Anyway, we’ll see if my eyes can snap away from the Olympics long enough to watch a quality film or two (I use the word quality very lightly).