Case # 45B247-A
“The Case of Want Over Need”

I decided this day to go to my local Wal-mart (mistake #1) just to buy a 6 pack of Gatorade. It was Back-To-School time and there was only one self checkout lane open and the line was pretty long, so I decided to go into one of the cashier lanes. Ahead of me there was a father and daughter already checking out. As I approached them, I noticed that the daughter, who was about 14-15 years old, was taking out items from the shopping bags and placing them back on the counter. After a few seconds, I realized what was happening:
Dad was trying to pay with $100 worth in some sort of food stamps or check.

Their subtotal so far: $130 dollars.

Dad started reaching into the bags and taking out jewelry and clothes (which appeared to be bedazzled jeans and shirts and a jacket) and daughter was just bad mouthing him and taking out the school supplies (pens, notebooks, folders, and a backpack). It was painfully obvious that they were supposed to be shopping for school supplies and she sneaked in new clothes and jewelry instead.

Now normally, you’d see the parent shut their kid up and get them the school supplies (which considering the way this girl was talking, she needed all the education she could get), but not this dad. She just kept talking down at him all the while taking out more school supplies from the various bags already in the cart and handing them back to the cashier to bring down the total. I honestly couldn’t believe how much verbal abuse this dad was taking and putting up with. And the whole time, she just kept taking clothes and jewelry out of his hand and handing the cashier more school supplies. Finally, she maybe had one notebook and a package of pens left and had not given up any clothing or jewelry and their total was $108 dollars. I figured, “Oh well, she’s HAS to give up something now.” To my surprise, she yells at him and he pulls out everything he has in his pockets and ends up barely making the total with tax. He literally turned his pockets inside out and paid in what appeared to be all that he had left. The whole time he just hung his head low; a tormented and beaten soul.

If this girl is any indication of the children in the future, we are in dire straits my friends. Yet another example of why I’m losing my faith in humanity.